1. If the Jeep lineup was a family, Renegade would be Wrangler’s little brother who likes to play in the rock gym but isn’t quite tough enough to join big bro on a free-climbing trip.

    — Why Everyone’s Going Nuts Over The 2015 Jeep Renegade: An Explainer

  2. The cloud is more than just a file system. It’s data plus code.

    — inessential.com: Cocoa for Web Services

  3. So then a bug shows up which leaks the content of memory mishandled by
    that layer. If the memoory had been properly returned via free, it
    would likely have been handed to munmap, and triggered a daemon crash
    instead of leaking your keys. OpenSSL is not developed by a responsible team.

    — Re: FYA: http: heartbleed.com

  4. The time to make a choice either way is long gone. Now it’s a matter of survival and you can’t yearn yourself to the future. Nadella, maybe free of having to frame it as his life’s work being diminished, chose acceptance. He’s moving on and it’s going to serve them well.

    — waffle → The Day Microsoft Gave Up World Domination and Settled For Relevance

  5. Nirvana’s music, in its anguish and energy, is scary. “Nevermind” is scary. But the break in “Drain You” is especially scary. I either had to turn it off or find a way to make this work. I didn’t want to turn it off. Instead, I turned it down an infinitesimal amount and addressed my son’s concerns. “Alexander,” I said, bending over to talk near his face. “This is the part where they are in the swamp. The water is dark and murky, and the trees are low. They’re walking through the wet mud in the dark underbrush of the swamp.” He looked at me with wide eyes. The colored lights added to the discotheque-meets-haunted-house mood. I worried that he would have nightmares, and that I would rue the night I played “Drain You.” People would shake their heads and say, “What were you thinking?”

    — Listening to Nirvana with a Two-Year-Old : The New Yorker

  6. enthusiasts crave fun first and speed second, and the two aren’t always linked. Yes, the manual has disappeared from race cars. And it’s disappearing from boring cars. But the clutch pedal is alive and well. You just have to know where to look.

    — Understanding What’s Really Killing the Manual Transmission - Road & Track

  7. In the end, I pulled a power-dad move and said, “I guess you just had to be there

    — When Kurt met Courtney

  8. The Renegade looks to be a rare synthesis of the best parts of the Fiat-Chrysler partnership. It is the right product, delivered at a time when the automotive market cannot get enough small crossovers.

    — Editorial: The Jeep Renegade Is Geneva’s Most Important Debut | The Truth About Cars

  9. The Effective Way to Ask for an App Review →


    App Store Reviews and the ways developers should (or shouldn’t) go about asking users for them has been a widely discussed topic lately.

    John Gruber linked to a tweet about the developers of Threes asking for reviews in their release notes.

    So not only is Threes an amazing iPhone…

  10. So to summarize, Office is not available everywhere, and probably won’t be anytime soon, because Microsoft has a devices business to prop up. Oh, and Microsoft’s business needs are a priority over user needs.

    — Microsoft v Microsoft | stratēchery by Ben Thompson

  11. but for the futile point you are trying to make with your friends as you sip IPAs and download free Uber coupons, it’ll do fine, you bougie fucks

    — Philebrity.com » Blog Archive » Use This Handy Map So You Can Continue Arguing About Gentrification With One Another

  12. That was the day I learned I’d rather lose respectfully than win without honor. Once people become wary of your products or your business ethics, it’s game over. You can’t sustain for long, because you won’t keep your customers much longer.

    — The Graph That Changed Me — Launching UX Launchpad — Medium

  13. In short, Nadella’s Server division is the one part of Microsoft that seems designed for, and part of, the post-iOS, post-Android state of the industry. A division pushing toward the future, not the past.

    — Daring Fireball: Microsoft, Past and Future

  14. The action I saw again and again was him reaching up to touch a button or a menu, bringing his hand away, and then going back to touch the screen again because he missed the target. He was pretty patient about it, which suggests it was behavior he was used to. Had it been me, I would have flung the damned thing into the pool.

    — MacBook Touch - All this

  15. The city of New York had 239,736 births in 2011, which could support a population of about 1,000 tyrannosaurs. However, this ignores immigration—and, more importantly, emigration, which would probably increase substantially in this scenario.

    — T-rex Calories